Reveal lets you show an element with an optional animation.

Look, I faded in!


<t:reveal effect="fade" widgetVar="r1">
    <h1>Look, I faded in!</h1>

<button class="button primary" onclick="TW('r1').toggle()">Fade in/out</button>

Reveal lets you show an element with an optional animation.

Tag name reveal
Component type io.tornadofaces.component.Reveal
Renderer type io.tornadofaces.component.RevealRenderer
widgetVar Widget variable name, accessible via TW('widgetVar') and TornadoFaces.widgets.widgetVar. Use this to load() the data or get the data via val(). Note that the Data component must be wrapped in a Form for the load() function to work.false
onloadShow the element on DOM load. Defaults to false.false
effectAnimation effect for the reveal. Valid options are "fade", "none". Defaults to "fade".false
modeReveal by using "visiblity" or "display" CSS property. Defaults to "display".false
durationEffect duration in milliseconds. Defaults to 500.false
renderedShould this component be rendered?false
Client Side API

Widget: TornadoFaces.widget.Reveal

Method Params Return type Description
show() void Show the reveal content.
hide() void Hide the reveal content.
toggle() void Hide or show the reveal content.